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It is interesting to see how the industry demands environmental conscience - without sustainable development pearl farming could be impacted as an industry (fresh & salt). Unlike other economic developments in China this one demands preservation for sustainable aquaculture. 

Learn more about this paradox here:

China’s pearl industry: An indicator of ecological stress 

Bead Organization: Using a Pegboard

Ever find your beading supplies are taking over your life?  Ever run out of cash for bead boxes because you spent all of your money… on beads?!  Here is a cheap space saving solution that allows you to see all of your beads in one place without digging through bead boxes for hours: pegboards!  I know you are saying, "Lacey what about when you have cut a string?"  OK- Just put the loose beads in a  Ziploc bag and peg that, or resist the urge to dump off the entire strand and knot the end and hang the looped end.

See how easy it is to install here on DIY: 

10 minutes tops… Hanging your beads will take some time, but it is a great way to see what you have, and it will save you time down the road.  I find I spend more time making things now, and less time searching for colors and textures trapped in a box.

I've seen many fancy boards online including a metal one that I thought looked very sharp, but in the end saving money for beads won out.  You can go right down to your local hardware store and get a brown bead board as big as a wall or a small corner.  

My favorite bead board is in my stairwell and it cost me less then $40:


Please send me a tweet (#laceyspearls #beadboard) or email me to share your board! I'd love to hear more about how you have used this idea or any other organizational ideas you would like to share that might make all of our lives easier. 

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